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Each card is thoughtfully selected or created to convey love, joy, sympathy, gratitude, and more, providing a meaningful way to express sentiments for every occasion.

Greeting Card

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Explore our diverse range of cards featuring unique designs, heartfelt messages, and artistic expressions. Whether you're celebrating life's milestones or simply reaching out to someone special, our cards are designed to touch hearts and create lasting connections. Let us help you capture emotions and share meaningful moments, one card at a time.

Custom Card Design

Express your unique style and sentiments with our custom card design service. Collaborate with our talented designers to create personalized greeting cards tailored to your occasion and message. Whether it's adding custom artwork, incorporating personal photos, or crafting a special message, we'll help bring your vision to life.

Subscription Service

Join our greeting card subscription service and receive curated cards delivered to your doorstep regularly. Choose from different subscription plans based on your needs and preferences—whether it's birthday cards, holiday cards, or cards for all occasions. Never miss an opportunity to send a heartfelt message with our convenient subscription service.

Virtual Card Sending

Send virtual greeting cards instantly to loved ones around the world with our virtual card sending service. Choose from a variety of e-card designs, personalize your message, and schedule the delivery date. Our virtual cards are perfect for those special moments when you want to send immediate joy and well-wishes, no matter the distance.

Blogs / Web-Stories

Learn more about the art of greeting card and its benefits to your relationships.

Art of Handmade Greeting Cards

Delve into the enchanting world of handmade greeting cards, where creativity and craftsmanship come together to create unique and personalized works of art. Explore the techniques and materials used in crafting handmade cards, from paper cutting and collage to calligraphy and embellishments. Discover how handmade cards add a personal touch and convey heartfelt sentiments that cannot be replicated by mass-produced cards.

Greeting Card Etiquette

Learn the etiquette and guidelines for sending and receiving greeting cards gracefully. Explore proper occasions and sentiments for sending cards, as well as considerations for card wording, timing, and appropriate messages. Greeting card etiquette helps enhance meaningful connections and ensures that the act of sending cards is received with warmth and appreciation.

Evolution of Greeting Cards in the Digital Age

Trace the evolution of greeting cards from traditional paper cards to digital formats in the modern era. Explore how technology has influenced the design, production, and distribution of greeting cards, including the rise of e-cards and virtual greetings. Learn about the advantages and challenges of digital greeting cards and how they complement traditional forms of expression in today's digital age.

Cultural Significance of Greeting Cards

Discover the cultural significance of greeting cards across different societies and traditions. Explore how greeting cards are used to celebrate holidays, mark milestones, express condolences, and strengthen social bonds in various cultures around the world. Gain insights into the symbolic meanings attached to specific motifs, colors, and messages in greeting cards, reflecting deep-rooted cultural values and beliefs.




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